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Cycling Arm Rest - Computer Mount

Cycling Arm Rest - Computer Mount


3D printed cycling armrest computer mount, this is to be bought in line with the armrests / sold as a replacement due to the mounting method, the computer mount is made from PLA material and has brass threaded inserts to ensure this part lasts a long time.


3D Printed Item - Print on Demand Only
Please note these items come in a Jet Black Colour, other colours are available upon request.

Technical Info
60mm Long x 38mm Wide x 20mm Hieght 

Weight: 15g / 0.53 oz / 0.034 lb

Delivery info
Please ensure to allow for a couple of days to receive the items as it is a print-on-demand service.
Average time, with no issues 3-5 Days.
International Shipping Now Available - Please allow for 2 weeks for this selection, via the website.

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