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A4 - 240Micron Acetate Sheet (100 per pack)

A4 - 240Micron Acetate Sheet (100 per pack)


Update: 23/04/20

Stock will be back in within 2 week, please bare with us while we get stock back in.


Update: 11/04/20

Due to supplier increases in price we have had to unfortunalty increase our prices also, we do appologie for this.


Update: 08/04/20

We are back in stock


Update: 05/04/20

At present  we are just waiting for a stock replenishment by Wednesdays 08/04/20 - Once this stock is back in these will be back on the website. if you want to get in touch please email:



Steady supply of acetate sheets 240 micron, These come in packs of 100 and are currently being used for the production of 3D Printed Face Shields for the NHS.




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